Getting into Google (Business)

We had the pleasure to work the inspiring team at Beckton School of Motoring in helping them get their company portfolio to appear on google business & boost their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What are the benefits of the the two? With millions of searches showing you naturally want your business to come first you want to be number one, the first choice for your intended audience. Now this is where a bit of technical jargon helps you complete that process in pushing you.

You can setup your business on Google Business and get your details on their to promote to the world. Now this is where the public can go and review your service “Write a Review” What google is great for is showing honest reviews asking your customers to go hit you with a five star rating this can have the domino effect and can really boost your sales in the long term as it shows trust, reliability & most of all success.

The second part is getting your website up to scratch on SEO. Implementing metadata code into each page can boost the number of searches that google or any other search engine finds. For example if you have put in your SEO “driving, instructor,” then anyone who hits those key words will enable your page to show on the search engine. The more people search for your website with keywords making it relevant the more you push to glory of being on the first page as the first choice. That alone is a beneficial as many consumers do not have the time to shift through the data shown by Google many would pick the first choice with the most recommended reviews.

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Miqdad Hasan

Miqdad Hasan