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With the recent events around the global in small business to large companies to our very own NHS (National Health Service) being targeted by a sophisticated back ransomware program designed to hold hostage your digital information say such as your best memories media to your client files that you need to submit and like the NHS your patients records that are vital for their well being.

What is “Ransomware“?

The term is simply put a computer infection that writes your digital files in a different language that no one can read or understand and holds you to ransom by making you pay to see your files again. The language has a key to unlock and see the original scriptures i.e your files in its normal format. Again this cannot be made true as each case is different and some may just take the money and run just like the movies.

How to protect yourself ?

You can find out from the expert Bob Jones who has over 20 years in the field.
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Top 5 Antivirus Review 2017

Scan Guard (5.0)

Price FREE

#1 Pick – ScanGuard Free Antivirus

My #1 pick for 2017 is Scanguard Security Suite. Scanguard has dominated the start of 2017 offering their standard plan for FREE. With one of the most advanced Security Engines & Computer Speed up tools you really can’t go wrong. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a FREE option. If you like what you see there is an option to upgrade for the more advanced tools.

Total AV (4.0)

Price FREE

#2 Pick – TotalAV Free Antivirus

My 2nd Choice is TotalAV Essential Antivirus. It was a hard decision to put this 2nd, but both options are great considering they are free. TotalAV is one of the most elite all-rounder security apps. Their basic plans include Antivirus, Firewall, Tune-Up Tools, File Manager & even a Secure Browsing Tool. Highly recommended for users looking to manage all their security from a single app.

Norton (3.9)

Price £49.99

#3 Pick – Norton Antivirus

My 3rd pick is Norton Security. One of the more recognizable brands in the industry. More expensive than my first two products listed but Norton have been around since 1991. Although their market share has drastically dropped over the last 10 years with bad press from the media, I still believe they have an extremely secure antivirus product and will continue growing again over the next few years.

PC Protect (3.9)

Price FREE

#4 Pick – PCProtect Free Antivirus

My 4th pick has to be PCProtect Antivirus Pro. Although new to the industry their Antivirus engines are said to already be on over 500 Million computers. I tested this one for the first-time last month and couldn’t believe how advanced their product is for the first year in the business. If this was a better known brand and around for a few more years, I would probably have it listed first.

McAfee (3.5)

Price £44.95

#5 Pick – McAfee Antivirus

Last but not least, my 5th pick is MacAfee Antivirus. Before I started using Scanguard I had been using MacAfee for a few years, although the popups get annoying constantly selling you stuff, they’ve been around since 1987. After testing their virus detection rates the numbers spoke for themselves, not as good as the above 4 but beyond average. Good pick for anyone ok spending £50-100 on premium security.

Please note to buy the internet security version of any virus scanner to protect yourself online and while you are offline. If you need any consultation regarding internet security for your home or business please contact
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