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The last few days for the hujja who had travelled with Hasan Hajj Tours in 2015 have been tough with the sad news of Brother Rois returning to our creator Allah. He was known by his fellow brothers and sisters in Islam including myself as a brother who practice what the sunnah and teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him had taught us. We ask that you make dua for his young family, his wife and two children.

Rois has returned to his Creator. May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannatul Firdous. May He also bestow strength and patience to his wife, children, and family.

His janaza details are as follows:

“Janaza prayer of our beloved brother Rois Meah will be taking place at East London Mosque tomorrow on Sunday the 14th of May 2017 straight after Zuhr prayers (13:00PM). The burial will take place shortly after Zuhr at the Gardens of Peace cemetery. We would appreciate your presence and sincere du’as for him and his family.

Jazakallahu khairan.”

-Haris Miah

East London Mosque
82-92 Whitechapel Rd
E1 1JQ k

Gardens of Peace
57 Elmbridge Rd

We would like to share the words of Brother Abu Ahmed who gave us the reality of the grave during the Janazah transcript from audio recording,

Li mith li haza fa au izzu

The Grave the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ he didn’t talk about the one of the grave he didn’t ask for the one of the grave, the people of the grave it’s too late, we ask Allah to forgive them. Already he has seen his grave but for us the clever person the wise person he should prepare a nice grave for him. Every day we come for Janazah, how many of us say I am the next? (55 seconds unclear) This Janazah is mine, I pray Janazah next Janazah is mine! What does it mean? Exactly as the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prepare yourself! People prepare themselves work hard 20, 30 years to build one bedroom two bedroom flat سبحان الله And he prepared the house is it for cold country or hot country. I want this house to be comfortable for me? How long are you going to stay there? Many people are going to build a house and they did not live there. They left before they moved. They left the life the Dunya before they moved to the new house. The real house is here (pointing to the grave of Late Brother Rois) The real house is your grave. How much have you prepared yourself for this? This is your real house. This is where you are going to be. Many people they live here for 50, 60, 100 years, we know many people Sahaba 1400 years ago, some thousands and thousands in the grave, you prepare here in Dunya for a few years and you don’t prepare your house for thousands and thousands of years and the hereafter for eternity. How much have you prepared for this? This grave is what? It’s Dark. Who is going to be there? Ourselves. What about the body? It’s going to go disintegrated, your soul your spirit will be there either to enjoy yourself or أعوذ بالله be somewhere else.

Many people say I want to enjoy myself here in Dunya, come back to this grave it’s dark, the grave is dark, how to enlighten my grave? Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said Assalatu noor – Salah is noor. Young Brothers, because I have to said this I have to say this first, for this brother rasullahi ﷺ in sahih bukhari narrated by Umar Ibn Katab “Anyone of Ummat Muhammad, four people that witness that he was a good person, Allah will write it for him Allah will forgive him. I am one brother and I am a witness for this brother and he use to come to the mosque. Anyone else here? (Yes)

Allah is Noor, the grave is dark young brothers don’t say I don’t pray. If you don’t pray how you going to make your grave enlighten. For it would be dark, Jahannam is dark, Siraat is going to be on Jahannam. How are you going to enlighten your Siraat? With salah. Munafiqeen they said I am a muslim. Do you pray? They said no. Young Brother you act like Munafiq? He said I am a muslim but he doesn’t pray? He comes on the day of judgement on Siraat he sees mumin in light because of salah. Full of light rabbana akrim lana noora na. O Allah make our light full light on siraat Ameen.
garden of peace
Munafiqeen will say to Mumin “Can you look behind I want to get some light from you” They will be pushed back. Grave is last either it waiting for you to welcome you as the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ the grave will hug him like the mother hugged the baby. The other person the grave will crush him. He doesn’t like him, this is the grave. Are you going to prepare yourself? How much have you prepared yourself for this? We come here for the Janazah he left behind his Aamal, Al kabru sundukul Aamal, cover the grave with the books of your good deeds. When you go there The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said you will see the good deeds from a handsome beautiful man, he will be Allahu Akbar glad tidings. Who are you nice man beautiful man? I am your Aamal. Give the good news the glad tidings. Allah will open the gate to him to Jannah, he can smell Jannah, he can see his seat in Jannah and he will say “O Allah when is the day of judgement? I want it to come quickly so I can have my seat in Jannah” The other person will see his seat in Jahannam. He doesn’t want to get up for the day of judgement.  How many of us prepare ourselves for the grave? Here in Dunya I look after my body, the comfort of my body. Many brother here today wear sunglasses why? The sun, on the day of judgement the sun will be yards away. How are you going to prepare yourself? Some people prepare themselves with quran it can shade you. Two rakat of surah al Imran it will be like the cloud you would not need the sunglasses.
Here in the grave surah tabarak that the brother was reciting this is not for the grave, it does not benefit the grave. Surah Tabarak helps ourselves before you die the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  said surah Mulk and Tabarak 30 verses if you recite this every night then he will be safe from the punishment of the grave.

On the day of Judgement, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ promised us that surah tabarak will intercede for us and take us to Jannah. Here you don’t read for that person you make dua but read for yourself, prepare for yourself. That’s why Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said for the sahabah the reflection is for ourself. It is our time it is our turn look after yourself here in the grave you will be accounted for yourself, you will see your record. You can see everything, if you had said something wrong you will be ashamed “I don’t want to see it” you will say “o I do not want to see that day” but the one that Allah blessed them with the quran, with the sadaqah Allahu Akbar he will come on the day of judgement he will find something beautiful Allahu Akbar. He will see the record and say Allah has blessed me and Allah has guided me.

We can’t leave today, we can’t leave today until we plan for our life this life could be tonight only we could be here tomorrow. Don’t leave until you promise, Until you repent to Allah, do it now, until you reflect how much you wasted your time young brothers. What if you are here tomorrow ummat Muhammad ﷺ is the most beloved to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى That we repent to Allah today, Allah will forgive all what you have done before. Be sincere until – Don’t forget this grave, put this grave in your mind, put yourself there if I am now in the grave and I can see my record is not really good, I can see my seat in Jahannam. What are you going to say? Please Allah give me one chance, give me a chance let me go back give tawbah, two rakat. You are here now! Why should he waste the time? Why should we lose this time? This is the time brothers to remember the grave every night. Recite surah Tabarak before you sleep, do tawbah and don’t ever forget your prayer. Come to the mosque, ask Allah for guidance, don’t think because I am fit, I am good, I am going to be good – it is not. Wallahi it is tafiq from Allah don’t tell me I am the son of a imam, I am so and so I memorized the quran, it is god! We are nothing wallahi we are nothing. Don’t ever think yes I pray every day and we don’t know how much Allah accepts. In Shaban our deeds go to Allah we don’t know. Always ask Allah to make your heart firm until we die muslim wa la tamutun wa entum muslimun. Today is true that everything you ask O Allah Make my heart steadfast until we die. O Allah  we ask all sincerely O Allah grant us tawab before we die. O Allah forgive all our sins.

For this brother Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said another glad tiding said that “who is Shahid in our Ummah?” “ya rasulullah shahid he is the one that struggled that for the sake of Allah fesabillah jihad and Allah will give his shahadah.” “If this is the case the Shahid of our Ummah, my Ummah, the martyrs of my Ummah will be few. Who are the Shahid of this Ummah?  He said “Anyone who has died like drowning, anyone who was burned, anyone who was mabtoon like this brother who had a disease no treatment. Any sister giving birth and dies Shahid! This brother is mabtoon as the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that he could not levitate no cure, no treatment so we ask Allah to consider him Shahid.

Anyone who dies in crash against – –  this Ummah but with that condition he was mumin, muwah hik. We ask Allah to grant us all Tawhid. We ask Allah to grant us to die as Muslim. We ask Allah sincere Dua for all our deceased.

Ending of Speech & Dua.  Sunday 14th May 2017

Speech given by Abu Ahmed at Garden of Peace.

Transcripted by Miqdad Hasan – / If you find any mistakes please do notify me for correction ( if anyone is versed in Arabic to fulfil please message me with update.

For anyone traveling to The Garden of Peace Cemetery we ask you to make dua for Brother Rois and where several other members have had their loved ones buried there including a brother who lost his child not so long ago. We also ask that the duas for the Ummah and ourselves to work towards our resting place before the day of Judgement.

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