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Today we logged on to find a very sad occurrence for two reasons both in large linked to one another. Unfortunately the United Kingdom government now have the right to charge you for not sharing your password even without sufficient evidence such as a warrant needed. We seek to ask Allah to protect us Ameen.

For anyone going through such a period we recommend that you find legal advice.

Asim Qureshi

Just returned from the police station where I had the chance to accompany my brother Muhammad Rabbani as he was charged with offences for refusing to hand over his password to border police.

Let me be absolutely clear. Regardless of the outcome, this man is not a criminal, he is a hero who should be applauded by our communities for taking the stance he has. It is not easy to place your liberty at risk for a principle – and Rabbani is embodying this.

In Surat-ul-Asr – Allah commands that we enjoin truth and enjoin patience. There is no point to claim to speak the truth, unless you are able to be patient on that truth, and Rabbani is showing us all how this is not just theoretical, it is something that must be practised.

We are all very proud of him and know the content of his character – no court can tell us otherwise.

Facebook (17 May 2017)

The main crux of the story behind Mr Muhammad Rabbani was that he returned back from a trip aboard and was told by “border police” to hand over his password and not to worry. We are sure most of us do not give our passwords to our own family members let alone to someone who is ordering you at an airport without reason.  The refusal of sharing his password comes with a stance on our rights as no warrant or reason was given and as his position for Mr Rabbani to be company director of a legal organisation that work to prevent scheme against a minority in the United Kingdom that may not receive a true legal representation whilst being a support service. To hand over our digital information is the same as being physically stripped searched in this age of technology and with global recognised companies pushing to make sure that we are secure like the recent Ransomware attack (see here).

Now many of us can not understand how we have come to a situation where the people who want to protect us are taking away our very own freedom without substancial evidence and you could say that we are moving into a “Big Brother” state a term we had not used much since the 90’s, which frankly is shocking.

The minority that has been targeted have had a repetitive negative media influences as we see in the following clip that was just posted by the BBC. Note that the use of a factual program with the brand such as the BBC really plays on our secondary brain functions just like for those that drive a car and wonder how they got from A to B. The word play, use audio and ambianantal sense of fear with visual representation that is put in this trailer. Narrating two words to play in your mind whenever hearing them. Why this audio was used in a factual video? Did the director do it intentionally to act on our secondary function. Note the two words only 16 seconds into the clip “Hostages” & “Muslim Students” and please understand and play back if you remove the word “Muslim” and replay the clip how different it would sound.

View Video – Trail – Strange Signals from Outer Space

The use of fear is evident for any director of film and we really condemn the use of film like this at such a time and with a name like the BBC. When young and old individuals in a minority community are facing the daily struggle of a fabricated reality based on our foreign policies. We ask those who attack minorities with such bad use of film to stop and understand that they are a part of the problem not the solution.

To tackle these issues for the time being we should be patient. We can also report and hashtag and let the people at BBC know on the stance that they have is not healthy for our country. As a minority community in the United Kingdom we first have to get our intentions right by being what the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us, say Allah is One and pray your salah prayers and follow his teachings that means learning the hadith and quran. This entails being the best of manners to your family and neighbours and this will benefit us all. We look to tackle this issue especially with the younger generation in upcoming seminars and workshops. Ameen.

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Miqdad Hasan

Miqdad Hasan