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We have had the pleasure in working closely with Zaytun Tours who were looking to create general brief of work that can be replicated for anyone to use in regards to a pillar in Islam called “Hajj”. This pillar is compulsory for any muslim who can afford to go on this sacred pilgrimage at least once in their life. The tour operator wanted to create a brief outlay of understanding for the process of Hajj in a simple leaflet and we hope that this is achieved.

This is available here: (When Printed Link will be available)

Words from Zaytun Tours:

We at Zaytun Tours understand that every individual is unique and that is why we offer exclusive packages for families and individuals allowing people to experience travel suitable to their desires and needs.

Zaytun Tours looks at practicality and comfort, and puts the needs of our clients before making any bookings whether it’s a weekend away in the UK or a journey of a lifetime in Makkah & Madina. These services are designed and facilitated in a manner to allow each individual to experience the most extraordinary journey of their lives.


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Miqdad Hasan

Miqdad Hasan